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Why do you need to open an arcade game center?

Time:2018-11-09 Views:1816
In the US alone, coin-op game owners own nearly 2.5 million games in more than 1,000,000 high traffic retail locations. Intel estimates 1.2 million of those games are video machines, with the world wide coin-op market four times larger.

There are two categories of locations in our marketplace, destination based and convenience type locations. Large arcades, family entertainment centers, location based entertainment centers, and theme parks fall into the first, and the millions of games that are in every convenience store, bar, airport, and other type of retail site fall into the second.
The US market has an existing customer base of approximately 88 million players, who spend approximately $6.5 billion dollars a year on coin-op games. Our players are primarily young males between the age of 12 -24 years, dictated by the fact that the software written for our industry is designed for that audience.

We believe the total US audience for games could be 180 million players, based on the fact that state lotteries sell approximately 400 - 500 billion dollars per year in game play to people between the ages of 30 to 70.

Coin-op equipment owners have approximately $5 billion dollars invested in games, and another $1/2 billion or so in plant and equipment to service the games.

One of the most important features of the coin-op market is the fact that many of our players do not own and do not have to own computers to enjoy the games they play.